Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank in South Africa

When it comes to the safety of the clients, We provide wooden plank in South Africa scaffolding products go through several security checks. We have an outstanding team working hard to provide a wide range of Wooden planks in south africa at affordable prices to the clients. There are varieties of colors and sizes available showing the true elegance of natural wood. 

The wooden planks we offer are highly durable and composition of unique materials. Regular surface coating or paint further makes it maintenance-free. 

Scaffolding South Africa understands your budget concerns. That’s the reason we provide high-quality products at much lesser prices compared to other companies. 

Woodan plank in south africa

The unique features of our wooden planks include high strength, workability, versatility, comfort, and artistic appeal. They are one of the most crucial parts of the construction industry and serve as supporting material for household fixtures too. Our wooden planks are anti-corrosion and UV resistant, guaranteeing a lifetime exceeding 25 years. 

Wooden plank in south africa are easy to use and are one of the best solutions over conventional choices like natural wood, metals, cement fiberboards, and wood finish laminated panels. They add comfort and warmth to areas wherever installed. 

The richness in looks and durability to maintain features is surely the best offered by our scaffolding company.

Some features of Wooden Planks are:


  • High-definition clarity
  • Dual advantages 
  • Random variation 
  • Laying pattern 
  • Easy to care
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly durable 

Types of Wooden Planks:

Wooden Planks vary on basis of treatment, density, maintenance, and appearance. There are different types of wooden planks sourced from solid wood or engineered wood. 

  1. Solid sawn planks 
  2. Engineered planks
  3. Pinned plank
  4. Structural Composite Lumber

Pinewood is the cheap one compared to other types. Solid wood planks are made from a single piece of wood, while engineered wood is composed of a thin strip of solid wood glued over rigid plywood. Whether it’s a construction site or the household sector, everyone has a different opinion when it comes to wood. 

With more and more types of planks appearing in the market all the time, it is getting harder to figure out the best one for use. 

That’s why Scaffolding South Africa provides easy to understand guide. We respect the choices of clients and supply wooden planks that meet their performance standards.