Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding

Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding South Africa

Single-Width Aluminum Scaffolding manufactured by Scaffolding South Africa is most beneficial for the activities involving frequent dismantling and transport of material to job sites. This aluminum scaffolding is one of the most suitable choices for small locations where only 2 workers are needed to assemble the Scaffolding Tower. 

When it comes to access equipment, Aluminum Scaffold is a go-to choice for civil contractors, electro-mechanical subsistence, and other industries. This product is used at different working sites involving hospitals, schools, malls, etc. 

The width of the single aluminum scaffolding tower is 0.80 meters, equipped with Castor Wheels with a locking system. It provides the best adjustability to work on heights.  

Scaffolding South Africa supplies different types of Aluminum scaffoldings to different parts like Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Soweto, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, and many other. Moreover, it is easy to set up because of its moderate weight and versatile nature. 

single width aluminium scaffolding South Africa