Safety Guidance

Safety Guidance

Scaffolding South Africa is a well-known scaffolding manufacture and supplier company providing a wide range of portable scaffold towers, ladders, and much more at cost-effective rates. We timely monitor and review the safety standards of the above-mentioned products. Also, ensure prime quality products are upheld by manufacturers’ guarantee of three months. We love to share the scaffolding safety guidance in south africa.

Our team has experts who are qualified and completed a verified training course for inspecting scaffolding products. To provide a secure business atmosphere, there is a proper erection and inspection takes place. We ensure that no broken equipment will be used and check the resistance of the towers.

Client care and safety are our major priority and we give a 100% level of dedication to it. We continually monitor safety measures to give a secure work environment to the workers.

Safety Guidance for scaffolding africa

Aluminum Scaffolding Tower: Erection and Inspection

Before the erection of the Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Before the utilization of Aluminum towers, Scaffolding South Africa makes sure to review their condition. Only qualified persons who have completed a verified training course on the use of aluminum scaffolds within the last three years are part of our inspection team. 

Check Resistance of the tower

Aluminum Scaffolding towers should be placed on boards or another rigid packing to present a strong foundation. Reviewing the condition beforehand helps to take the required precautions at the right time

Never Use Broken Equipment

Guardrails and toeboards should be used on all moving Scaffolding towers. Their stability should be reviewed after every move. Operating platforms should be sufficiently and firmly boarded. 

Outriggers or stabilizers

Outriggers or stabilizers enhance the productive base dimensions of the Aluminum Scaffolding Tower. These should be provided as soon as the initial lift is finished.

Wind Pressures on the Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Wind forces a horizontal pressure on the Aluminum Scaffolding Tower. For standard safe functioning conditions, do not raise or use this tower in winds above 17mph.

Another Parallel pressure

Aside from wind pressures, any other horizontal pressures affect Aluminum Scaffolding Tower. For example, forcing a drill creates an equal and opposing force on the Aluminum Scaffolding Tower. 

Secured Loading

Commonly speaking, Aluminum Scaffolding Tower can hold the highest pressures. There is an affirm design load capacity (DLC), and the Secure Working Load sustains by the entire Aluminum Scaffolding Tower. 

Moving Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Before moving Aluminum Scaffolding Tower, decrease its length to below 4 meters. Also, check that there are no potential lines or different obstacles above. Unhitch the castors, and outrigger castors. There should be no workers or instruments on the Tower. 

The section where you are going to migrate Aluminum Scaffolding Tower should be strong and stable. Push or pull the bottom of the tower only. Once the tower is placed safely, replace all the wheels and outriggers before exercise.

If your industry demands great-quality and long-lasting scaffolds, boards, and ladders, then you can connect with Scaffolding South Africa and state your requirements. Scaffolding South Africa will never fail to provide customer satisfaction. We work according to our client’s personal requirements.