Dual Purpose Aluminum Ladder

Dual Purpose Aluminum Ladder South Africa

Dual Purpose Aluminum Ladder South Africa is 2 in 1 converting double-sided ladder with slip-resistant quality. It is ideal for all types of jobs, whether it’s industry-related or construction work. All these ladders have a tool resting area at the top. 

This ladder is very simple to use and manufactured by using premium quality raw materials. Because of its safety characteristics and working load capacity of up to 130 kgs, it is widely demanded by customers of different regions. It can be extended for reaching higher places. 

Scaffolding South Africa is a leading manufacturing company in Africa dealing in various cities like Nairobi, Lagos, Cape Town, Addis Abba, Accra, Kinshasa, and many others. We have been advanced in phases of technology, analysis, and growth. We are linked to many other companies in this field. The services and products, we offer are affordable, secure, and have effective access resolutions. 

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