Aluminum Folding Scaffolding Tower

Aluminum Folding Scaffolding South Africa

Our Aluminum Folding Scaffolding South Africa is designed and tested by experts. This foldable aluminum tower allows the user to fold up from one side easily. Because of its small size, it is useful for small locations. It is particularly beneficial for indoor works and can be moved through doors. 

The platform height is adjustable. The hinge system of this folding ladder makes it simple to fold and unfold. This aluminum scaffolding is ideal for one-man use and is equipped with a construction manual. Also, the wheels in this Folding Tower have an anti-slip surface.

Scaffolding South Africa is the premium exporter of Aluminum scaffolding, Aluminum Ladders, and Foldable Aluminum Scaffolding Towers serving in different cities of South Africa including Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Soweto, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, and many others.  

We are a ruling scaffolding-based company that thrives to offer unmatched scaffolding services. Our client base is growing day by day and we won’t disappoint them by any means. The prices which we offer are unmatched.

Aluminum Folding Scaffolding south africa